Sunday, 24 July 2011


Its been a while since I have last blogged anything. This has been due to me taking a break and moving home to earn some money.

>In this time I have worked at a camera store and kept up my analogue photography.

>I have now moved with Emily Eaton to London.

>I have just got a Job at Fred Perry in the shop and I am working at The Mangle printers in Bethnal Green.

>I am having a lot of fun and I hope to stay here and do what I was trained for.

>I will try and keep up to date with my new goings on and get this Blog back up to date. See you very soon. x

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Blog Update - January 2011

New Job

Since leaving London doing various bits of work experience I have come to earn some money so that I can venture
back up to London in the near future and find a design job.

In the mean time I am working at an independent photography shop in Devon and I still like to keep my habits by doing little small
projects to keep my eye on what I still want to do, as well as using old film cameras and enjoying flickr and being at home.

I had a play above with an idea I wanted to do quickly, I have always had a love of grimey car parks. Photography was done kindly
by my friend Elliot Spencer who operates out of Fremington, Devon and is a rising Photographer.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Portfolio Re-design Fall 2010

Because of having a little free time to myself, it was time for me to sit down and re-organise my portfolio which meant getting in the studio and re-shooting my work and then editing images and a few hours of photoshop and indesign. I’m almost there in the hope of taking to some interviews soon.

The top photo is an extract of Fidelity book, the middle is a pile of ‘scumbag” totes and the bottom is a screen printed poster from the fidelity speed dating night, all from my final major project which ended in June.

Wallpaper* Magazine

23 Aug - 17 Sept 2010

A design based magazine located in Southwark in London as part of IPC media produced monthly with other projects including web and city guides. My tasks included photo-studio work, subscription ad designs, archiving previous issues, working in interiors design, touching up imagery in photoshop and general indesign/illustrator tasks.

Lee Belcher & Tim George - Senior & Junior Designers

Absence / London Placements 2 Aug - 17 Sept

I have not posted anything new for some time because of my time running around London doing placements for the last two months. Now I have finished I have had time to update my portfolio and reorganise my things including my blog.

Quarto Publishing

2 Aug - 13 Aug 2010

A small publishing company in Islington that designs books for various authors including many “how to” books centred around skills such as cooking and subjects such as travelling. My main responsibilities included image research, indesign layout work and illustrator vector work, as well as admin work for clients, scanning and printing.

Monday, 26 July 2010


Lovenskate Placement 28 June - 4 July 2010

A week and a bit of some of the best time working I have ever had.
My placement was at The Mangle studio in East London working helping out with the printing process of shirts
and learning how a commercial screen printers works fuelled by ciabattas and mugs of tea.
These are some of the shots I took during my time there. Thank you Stu & Lilli. x

Thursday, 10 June 2010

1.0 | FIDELITY The Getting It Together Issue

The Final "Fidelity" Book read by Scott Humphries, who features on the front cover as part of the book's study on his and his girlfriends relationship, Both were pleased with the outcome but felt a bit scared about seeing A1 Posters of themselves in the Degree Show on Friday.

A special thank you to Yourprintsolution for helping me achieve and print everything - Steve you diamond.

Fanzine - What my brand is all about - FILTH!

YOUSCUMBAG photoshoot - Canon A1 | Fujicolor 200

I decided to take pictures of the final printed bags in the kind of image that I wanted to portray with the brand which were alcoholic students that live in squaller and party all the time, this is helped along by the charcoal on people's faces. Thank-you to Sara, Gareth, Simon & Tom for all their help.

Final Scum Bag Screens - Re-designed and printing for FMP work